Life Should Feel Like An Adventure

I used to worry for days about even the slightest decision.

Stressing myself out.

My tendency was to focus on what could go wrong, how I wasn’t prepared, or how I might not like the outcome.

At the time, this was especially pronounced in my career. I had recently moved myself and my children cross country after a separation from my husband, and was starting my consulting business from scratch without a lot of contacts.

I couldnt afford to second guess myself, my livelihood (and family) depended on it.

And yet I found myself wondering how I could move past the numbing dread that came up everytime I had an opportunity to really move my dream forward.

One day my son who is an adult now, was around 12 and laughed at my fear of “shining” in a new place.

He mentioned that when he had to take a test, or his football team was leaving the locker room to start a game, he pretended he was about to jump in the pool.

When I asked why, he said he always gets a tickle in his stomach before the jump, but he braced for the shock of the cold and just jumped anyway.

Knowing the jump was the only thing standing between him and hours of fun, the jump, although scary at first, was worth it.

Out of the mouths of little buddhas……I never forgot that lesson.

Its a reminder that the unknown is so scary simply because you don’t know whats going to happen.

Ive learned to turn that ripple of fear in the pit of my stomach when I have to try something different into a tickle of anticipation.

Ive also learned to accept that I don’t have to know the outcome before I take the first step.

That tickle is a sign that adventure is just around the corner….

Embrace The Tingle…..