The Importance of Personal Leadership

Do you ever feel frustrated that you work as hard as the people who succeed, but you just never succeed as them. If you ever wondered why it happens, Stephen R. Covey might tell you that you very likely lack of effective personal leadership.

What is effective leadership?

Owning Effective leadership means you know where you are and where you want to reach, and work out the gap and work on which direction you should go. This direction and objectives will guide your daily actions and motivations in order to lead you to the place where you want to be.

Why it is important?

The effective personal leadership can ensure our efforts and energy spend on the right things toward to our objective. In terms of the importance of effective personal leadership, we have to mention the success you want to reach. The key to success does not depend on how much effort you spend on, but it does depend on whether your effort is on the right place toward to your objective. Unless you are aware where you should work on to achieve the success, not any efforts or management success can compensate the failure in personal leadership. This is like you reap an orange seed to expect an apple tree, you will never get it. The more effort you make, the further you are going apart from your objective. In addition, If you have strong personal leadership, you know what is the most important for you. Everything you do is driven by your long-term value but not temporary emotions or moods. This is to make sure you are clear what you are doing is to win the whole war but not focus on winning the battle on the way.

How to build an effective personal leadership?

Now that we know how important of the effective leadership to us, it is critical to know how to build our effective leadership. First, clarify our objective we want to achieve and the direction we need to go through; second, exercise our imagination and conscience, improve our self awareness to the value of our objectives; second, recognize the effective scripts and paradigms that would help us to reach the objective; third, constantly monitor our environment change and objectives, recognize the ineffective scripts, incorrect or incomplete paradigms that prevent us from our objectives, and re-script. In this way, we constantly enhance our deepest value in building our personal leadership to reach our objectives.

To summarize, effective personal leadership is crucial to our personal success, it can be used and enhanced in our own life and through our own experience. It helps us to reach our stages’ targets and understand the deepest value of lifetime.

Reference: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R.Covey