Paying Our Writers
Stella J. McKenna

Congratulations to the Writing Cooperative on its growth and progress! I’m glad to be a part of it and am enjoying my time here.

However, after more than a month of gripes, complaints, whinings, and outright attacks on the Medium boards over changes, paying contributors, TOP writers, and STAR writers, I have to ask? Is that going to become a “thing” here? It just isn’t possible to log into Medium and not see a rant or criticism connected to money/payment.

I joined the coop to become a better writer and be around like-minded individuals. People who write because they have to… because the words and phrases never leave their minds. Because one story or essay doesn’t end before another one… or three, begins. And we’re here to find the best way to put it all on paper so we’re understood and can share it.

A full-time writing career is the goal for many of us. I’ve published and I get that. But I hope all the “noise” we left on the outside doesn’t work its way in here and skew the reason why many of us came here to begin with.

Much respect.

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