Here’s what five veteran teachers want you to know about your first year of teaching.

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“Remember why you wanted the job. It wasn’t for the paperwork, so make sure you get the positive experiences first.”

Starting a new school year is always intimidating. That’s particularly true when it’s your first year!

I was incredibly nervous before my first day, but my colleagues were incredibly supportive. Teachers love to help other teachers.

In the spirit of helping each other, five teachers agreed to give their advice to Newly Qualified Teachers, students in teacher college, and anyone else who’s nervous and/or excited to start teaching this year!

Respect Support Staff

Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist) is one of the UK’s top education bloggers. He advocates for the use of quality educational technology in the classroom and has loads of advice for new teachers on his website.

Advice: “Don’t underestimate the importance of support staff. In terms of your success in your post, they are in many ways more important than the Headteacher or the Leadership Team at your school.”

Prioritize Positive Experiences

Dan Power (@theMrPower) is starting his second year of teaching. He loves introducing children to new technology.

Advice: “Remember why you wanted the job. It wasn’t for the paperwork, so make sure you get the positive experiences first.”

Celebrate Success

Mike Watson (@WatsEd) is a primary school teacher and outdoor learning consultant. He has a whole page of advice for Newly Qualified Teachers on his blog.

Advice: “Remember to celebrate learning as well as support learning.”

Keep an Open Mind

Dughall McCormick (@dughall) is a headteacher and ardent supporter of Norwich City Football Club.

Advice: “You might get to a point where you want to quit. If you do, remember it might be just that school, not the profession that’s the problem.”

Remember the Rewards

Anji Cromarty (@Ginger_Non_Geek) is a British secondary school teacher focusing on Business and ICT. She enjoys drinking cocktails, reading books, and watching Star Wars.

Advice: “When you’re exhausted and think you can’t do this, remember that you CAN and we’ve all been there. It is a challenging yet rewarding vocation.”

New teachers: What are your questions going into your first year of teaching?

Veteran teachers: If you could go back, what advice would you give yourself on your first day?

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