Season 2 Episode 1: In Night So Randsomed Rogue

Blindspot had a strong first season, but I did consider dropping the show after the killing of Bethany Mayfair, played by Marianne Jean Baptiste. Not only was she the best actress on the show, but I hate the ‘kill the gays’ trope even more when it involves black women. But I do love Archie Panjabi and Michelle Hurd who have both joined this season, and last season I was impressed by Ashley Johnson and Audrey Esparza, so I decided to give the show a second chance.

So the plot was pretty good. Jane becoming a double agent against the people who sent her into the FBI work well as did the introduction of Nas Kamal, Punjabi’s character. It feels like this season has a real purpose. My only problem with Jane as a double agent is that Jaime Alexander always looks complete terrified. I struggle to believe that anyone would buy her as an undercover agent.

The main problem I have with the season, is the same problem I had with season one. Kurt Weller. His character is nothing but a knuckle dragging moron. The scene where he’s screaming at Paterson to get her to turn Jane’s tracker off was typical of him. He brings absolutely nothing to the show, and looks like some network executive demanded there was a white man in the show. I wish he would leave.

Now to my favourite part of the show, and I don’t mean that as a compliment. Jane goes undercover to the team that sent her in. She’s reunited with Roman, who she later finds out is her brother. The meet with ‘The Shepherd’, Michelle Hurd’s character. We find out that Jane’s real name is Alice Kruger, and she was born in South Africa. Now that I believe. But apparently their parents were anti-apartheid activists killed by the South African government, Alice and Roman were then sent to a camp to be trained as assassins. Then after US troops liberated South Africa (yes, really) Jane and Roman were too far gone so ‘The Shepherd’ adopted them herself.

So there’s a lot to unpack here, the first being US troops liberated South Africa from apartheid? Really? For a start Mandela was released in 1990, am i suppose to believe a country led by George H. W. Bush was on the side of the ANC? And no-one liberated South Africa, there was no outside intervention. So why would there be US troops even be there?

And apparently when they were liberated Jane and Roman were ‘too far gone’ to return to a normal life. Taking it that Jane and Roman are the same age as the actors who play them, the year that South Africa had its first free elections Jane was 10 and Roman was 9, but they were the only ones too far gone…

The upside of this is that I loved the ridiculousness of this so much that I’m in for the rest of the season. I can’t wait to see where we go with this.