Trump Tweets: “Uncle Sam…Sad! We Must Replace With New Donnie Warbucks Logo”
Allan Ishac

“Morbucks is extremely spoiled, cruel, mean, selfish, possessive, obstreperous, uncontrollable, materialistic, unscrupulous, calculating, egocentric, churlish, unpleasant, deceiving, baleful, evil, jealous, greedy, loud, arrogant, manipulative, repugnant, and nasty; is subject to violent temper tantrums when wants something, when denied, becomes emotionally distressed and throws a huge temper tantrum, which irritates everyone around.”

Princess Morbucks from the Powerpuff girls is a more appropriate logo, I think. She even has red hair! Using her might help to disalienate some of the women voters he has offended. “ She is also (very importantly) obsessed with becoming a Powerpuff Girl. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have real superpowers or crime-fighting experience.” Perfect! (Descriptions taken from Villains Wikia, Fandom)