How to Shape & Define Eyebrows

How is that a nerdy post from a Nerdychica, “How to Shape & Define Eyebrows?” I grew up in Haiti, if you or your parents are foreigners, you know how much they enforceeducation and how they reward “intellingence.” I was one of my dad’s “star” children from the time I was in Kindergarten to the time I received my Baccalaureate degree here in the States. How does all of this relate to “How to Shape & Define Eyebrows,” you asked?

Well, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about me in my first post. In Kindergarten in Haiti, they’d make report cards for me with a lot of stars in them, litterally. It meant that I was well behaved and “smart.” Dad would buy me any doll I wanted, positive reinforcement. So, I basically built my self confidence and self worth on the fact that I was “smart.” When I would get bullied in grade school for my looks, I often replied, “I’m smart.” Fast forward to moving to the States in my High School years, I would get bulied for my accent. I decided that I would focus on my studies and not worry about making friends or being a normal teenager. I was “boringly studious,” this definition of nerd that I found on google perfectly describes who I was as a teenager up to my early 20s in College. I ended up Graduating High School with a little scholarship and my name is posted on a plaque at my school. I also graduated College with honors, a few scholarships and on the Dean’s list.

In 2012 I found myself with a College degree, no friends in low or high places and no social skills. I could not find a job to save my life even though I interned at a prestigious government office in NYC which is highly regarded in my field here in NYC. Then I was hit with the first breakup of my life, then student loans started to come in, then I had to talk to my landlord because I couldn’t make my rent, then I found youtube. Ah Ha Youtube!!!!

I saw a bunch of girls come on camera, apply their makeup, get dressed and have a lot of fun. I was hooked, everyday I’d get home from my internship which at that point turned into a volunteer position and just watch these girls. These girls became my escape. I loved it so much that I said, I want to try this. I tried it and never looked back. I wanted to provide escapism to somebody else because it really kept me sane.

Now if you would like to learn “How to Shape & Define Eyebrows,” Watch this video and get your #eyebrowsonfleek

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