We Can Live In a World Where the Police Don’t Kill People

After meeting through protest, DeRay, Johnetta, Samuel and I launched Campaign Zero nearly a year ago — a comprehensive policy platform to end police violence.

Each of us believes in a simple, but radical idea: that someday, we can live in a world where the police don’t kill people.

Most people tell us that that dream is impossible. Campaign Zero is the plan for the dream.

Through national engagement with grassroots organizers, academics and experts, we worked with a broad community of supporters to launch the site last August. In that time, we have tracked and implemented public feedback, launched deep-dive reports on use of force and police union contracts, created user-friendly widgets for each of us to demand action from our legislators, and yesterday, released a national PSA.

In partnership with director Tommy Oliver and a host of #woke celebrities, our PSA proclaims very simply: #SomedayIsToday.

When the leaders who came before us sang “we shall overcome, someday” they took action to make someday today. As we continue the struggle against systemic racism, mass incarceration and police violence, we must meet that hope with urgent, targeted, meaningful action that will not only change policy, but change and protect lives.

At Campaign Zero, we believe that living in a world where the police don’t kill people will require more than single fixes and popular rhetoric. Achieving this dream will require the comprehensive overhaul of what public safety looks like: who is hired, how they are trained, what kind of equipment we award them, and how we hold them accountable for criminal behavior.

Public servants derive their power from we, the people. And we, the people, must hold them to the highest standards of service and professionalism-especially when they enter our community armed to take life. Police should never be armed with military equipment that allows occupations like Ferguson and Baton Rouge to overtake residential neighborhoods. Unions and state legislatures must never be allowed to circumvent the justice system and block accountability when officers kill. Use of Force policies must require deescalation and prioritize the preservation of life. Policing should never be for the profit of the state at the expense of the people. And communities must have equal say in the policies, oversight and accountability of those we hire to serve and protect us.

Our elected and appointed officials must be held accountable to take action on these urgent issues and more, all proposed by Campaign Zero and demanded in cities and states across the country since our launch. Activists, protestors and officials alike have used this platform to take necessary action. And we’ve made some important gains, passed laws, pushed policy, and informed citizens.

In the past two years, 4 cities, 28 states and the federal government have passed laws or executive orders on policies proposed by this platform and activists around the country. At least 60 laws have passed, with another 58 being considered. 5 states have enacted laws addressing three or more Campaign Zero solutions.

But as we each watch the news, follow the movement or see another hashtag, we’re clear: more must be done. And we need your help to do it.

Watch the PSA, share the PSA, and then, take action. Visit Someday Is Today and make your voice heard.

Make someday, today.