Ten benefits to the Switch off Sundays Challenge

Photo by Roman Kraft — Unsplash.com

Ten benefits to the Switch off Sundays Challenge

When first I started my Switch off Sunday Challenge, which is the concept of that I switch off and do not use my smartphone and laptop for a whole day, like a mini digital detox every Sunday. I initially thought about all the things that I would miss out on from not being online. It ranged from not being up to date with social media happenings, to not being available to others, to just having that feeling of fear of missing out on things or life. However, now I have implemented this into my weekend schedule, I now usually cannot wait till Sunday to either completely relax and recharge. Spend time doing things that matter to me which are offline of course or just hang out with the people that I really love in my life.

Here are my ten benefits to Switch off Sunday’s Challenge

You find a balanced approach to technology — You able to know when you will be on & offline so you can make plans for this period.

Develop Space to think — It helps you gain time for yourself to gain your own insights about the world, building time to just think without being influenced by the internet.

Helps to build and maintain relationships with friends and family — Meet up face to face, Spend time in deep conversations rather than looking at your phone. Just hang out with people that are close to you and see what happens.

You can spend time developing hobbies and interests that are offline — Dancing, art, hiking yoga. Look at developing interests’ offline.

Break away from always being available — Nice at times to be hard to reach for a while.

Get outside in nature — A chance to not to be stuck indoors online.

Relax — You have time to completely recharge from information overload.

Read more books — Start reading those books that you never had the time for before.

Slow Down — Learn to spend one day going at a slower pace of life.

Creative — Spend time developing your creative side in life. What would you do? Draw, paint write, play music.

So if you tried out the Switch off Sunday Challenge — How do you feel you would benefit from being offline? What would you do with your time? How could you implement this into your weekend schedule? What develops for you from being offline? Why not give it a go and let me know how you got on.