Patient — E N D U R A NC E

Earlier this year while on hiatus in Toronto, Canada (If and when you have time you must visit this city, it was my first time there. I enjoyed the numerous amounts of people from different backgrounds and cultures.) While there I happened to meet what I presume to be one of God’s gifted angels that crossed my path. Ha! Throughout conversation this gifted angel ended up asking me if I was a patient person and probably for the first time I had a true self-revelation of my relationship with patience. I’ve always felt as though I lacked patience and I’m sure I do in some areas, but as a whole I was able to respond with,

“Contrary to what I may think or feel, I am actually very patient because my actions say I am, but inside of my mind and body I don’t feel patient when I’m having to exhibit it.”

I can’t go without mentioning that I feel as if my existence has been marked to exhibit all forms of Patience, something of a life stamp or holy mission that’s been placed up me. The irony in it all is because I have the phrase “Blessings Come With Patience” tattooed on my shoulder. Whhhyyyyyy??!!! A word to the wise; never tattoo any phrase or reference to the word “patience” on your body. Your life will undoubtedly begin to take on all facets, people, situations, and circumstances, which encompass the attributes of the word. I can’t help but laugh at myself.

So….What in the world is “patient-endurance”? What does that even mean?

Let’s start with my MacBook Dictionary’s definition of patience. I did look it up in Webster, but they had four points of adjective description, which was too many options, Mac had one!

It describes patient as being able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. It gives the definition of endurance as the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way.

In a simplistic manner I’ve come to visualize the entire process of patient-endurance to that of experiencing a paper-cut to the finger. By all means I’m not here to downplay anyone’s life tragedies or hardships to the pain from a paper-cut, it’s simply an illustration to help convey the concept. Try to follow me:

First, we encounter the cut, which inflicts a wound. This cut may be the results of our own doings or another, possibly sudden and unexpected, or maybe you saw it coming. Nonetheless, you know just as I know, regardless how big or small the cut these jokers hurt.

I tend to relate the paper-cut to that of the object now calling for you to be patient.

As soon as this happens what do you usually do?!

Of course you try to find something to cover it up, a tissue, a band-aid, or nothing at all. Have you ever noticed that in the beginning even with the band-aid covering it you still have pain? It can be felt with all of the same activities you previously did before the cut. You can feel the skin stretch and pull apart at times when you move your finger because the wound is still fresh.

I like to think of this fresh pain in the midst of healing as your discovery process to the specific character the situation, circumstances or events that have come to help you grow.

How do you cover it up?

Immediately below the surface of your conversations, usual actions, and everyday involvements you are reminded of the “cut”. It is still fresh and due to this you’ll find that your responses, thoughts, and actions are carried out as a direct correlation of this event; days, weeks, and even months from the time of its origination. I know in response to the paper-cut I’ve even found myself diligent when brushing my teeth, writing with a pen, and opening doors, etc.

Now some of us that are compulsively prepared for any untimely disaster will have Neosporin handy for that expedited healing (I’m that person). Once the wound has been treated and covered up the healing process can begin. As we apply ointment and bandages our skin slowly grows back. We find that with the proper care and attention our original cut can be made whole again at a pace of our choosing.

The daily bandages and Neosporin in my mind are the methods and strategies within our artillery for handling the situation, circumstances or events.

We know instances of being trapped in self-pity, feeling sorry for yourself, and telling anyone and everyone what confronts you. We all have participated on one side or the other in that conversation. Eventually you may come to Light after being trapped in these emotional states and begin to think,

“How did I get here?”

A lot happens during this time with our mental and emotional state, but how we choose to “treat” it will reflect the ultimate outcome at a pace that’s most fitting.

Lastly, as the skin has fully grown back, we don’t wear band-aids as much, or possibly not at all. All the while we’ve been enduring throughout the entire process and now returned to our usual habits in normal stride. Overtime we found that the pain was slowly subsiding to where our conversations, usual actions, and everyday involvements are not carried out as a direct correlation. The wound is healed and when similar situations, circumstances, or events arise hopefully we’ve learned something and realized how to use it to help us.

In a nutshell what I’ve learned from patient-endurance:


Done by evaluating my perspective and seeing beyond my circumstances to the big picture and taking note of what internal part of my being is at struggle.


Done by not getting stuck in the cycle of self-pity and usually finding something or someone else to pour into and surrounding myself with people who love and support me.


Done through distancing myself from the event and reflecting with true analysis. I don’t recall where I heard this saying, but some time ago I heard someone say, “it’s not the knowledge that’s power, but it’s what you do with the knowledge is where the true power resides.”

Everyone knows that patience is something that you can exude for a second, minute, a day, a month, a year, and possibly an entire lifetime. It’s one of those things we can’t skip over in experiencing during our days here on earth. We will endure unpleasant or difficult processes, but try to remain steadfast and remember to endure without giving way.

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