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You declare that there is no God based on your experience, and what’s happening in the world around us. Based on my experience I choose to believe there is a God. And because of free will, guess what, I will not argue with or try to persuade you otherwise. You are entitled to your opinions. But to say that the idea of religion is absurd and beneath contempt and then write a whole entry about it, in response to an article that you didn’t have to read, seems odd to me and speaks more to the intolerance you accuse religious people of. Believe me, I am not ignorant of or immune to the evil that’s in the world around us. I just have a different understanding of why these things are and what can be done about them, including individual efforts. I won’t bother to go into that here because I sense you wouldn’t be interested in hearing it anyway. Anyways, I’m glad you’re doing the work that you are doing with at risk children all over the world. We all need to do our part, regardless of what we believe. I wish you the best with that. I wonder, however, if you encounter children who, despite their hardships, still espouse belief in a deity, what your response is? Hopefully it’s more tolerant than this and you don’t “force” your worldview on them.

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