Make Mountain, Always at Your Side to Help You Build Your Own Hardware Products

Jun 21, 2016 · 2 min read

Make Mountain is a hardware accelerator devoted to providing prototype services and seed-funding investment for hardware start-up teams located in ShenZhen — The Silicon Valley of China. We possess abundant resources in manufacturing and supplying chains. Our team members also have over 10-years-experience in manufacturing and project management. We are dedicated to helping you build a user-friendly, good quality and high value hardware product.

Now follow me to check the detailed services we provided, you will be surprised.

  • Lean Manufacturing (Rapid product iteration)
  1. Lean” spirit in developing and manufacturing process. Make your product iteration fast from “Rapid fabrication — Community test — Redesign
  2. MtMake Workshop: low-cost ID/MD mock-up fabricate on site
  3. MtMake Lab: FREE Handwork SMT and electronic equipment
  4. Fast PCB manufacturing, and cost effective small batch SMT
  • Abundant Manufacturing Resources (Reliable and suitable resources)
  1. 1000+ suppliers’ contact information, 50+ suggested which are more suitable for prototypes and small-batch production
  2. Complete supply chain with design house, industrial design, mold factories, PCB & SMT factories, Assembly factories, etc
  3. Enabling to seek suitable suppliers based on abundant resources in SZ if there is a requirement of special technology/art
  • Professional Project Management (Right time, right things)
  1. Evaluation and advice of product material and technique
  2. Control of product development and manufacturing
  3. Suitable suppliers (not the biggest and cheapest) suggestions regarding to your project. Communicate with the suppliers and supervise their implementation
  4. Crowd-funding and PR advice

Below are some pictures about Make Mountain facilities:

  • 3–6 months free office
3–6 months free office
  • ID/MD mock-up fabricate on-site: Low-cost
ID/MD mock-up fabricate on-site: Low-cost
  • Handwork SMT and electronic equipment: FOR FREE
ID/MD mock-up fabricate on-site: Low-cost

We welcome you and your friends, If You Are…


  • View:Want to be the leader of niche market
  • Production(barriers):Hardware+ software + service or proprietary technology
  • Hoping: Continuous iteration and maintaining

Cool Makers

  • Cool idea, know(understand) the requirement of the target users
  • Prototypes / demo can play the main function


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