The 2nd Guangzhou and Foshan Mini Maker Fair is Coming Soon. Don’t Miss It!

Jun 23, 2016 · 3 min read

It has been a great hornored to help to planning the 2nd Guangzhou and Foshan Mini Maker Fair that will be hold on 25th and 26th of June. Taking a brief review about last year’s fair may be helpful for you to understand more about how the fair works.

1st Guangzhou and Foshan Mini Maker Fair

Comparing to last Maker Fair, more stuff likely to be presented. For instance, 100+ interesting smart hardware products and many excited interactive games. More importantly, many of them can be bought on-site. Ready to go, fellows?

As a typical representative of hardware accelerator, Make Mountain provide not only lean manufacturing services such as prototype fabricate, small-batch production, project management service and seed-funding for examples, also provide marketing resources to help startup teams promote their products.
In this maker fair, you will have great opportunities to take a close look at such excellent products that Make Mountain had helped in. Now let’s have a glance at those products.

No.1 Ganker Robot : Born for fighting and entertainment

Ganker Robot

No.2 CityGo E-scooter: An e-scooter with iconic design like no other


No.3 Women Health Care Machine: Alleviate women tiredness and improve their quality of sleep

Women Health Care Machine

No.4 Smart Bicycle Helmet: A cool helmet with caution light when cyclist brakes and changes lane

Smart Bicycle Helmet

Many other products and activities you might be interested in Maker Fair.

Mission to Mars: Robot design workshop ( 14:30–15:30, 25.Jun)
Do you still remember the MAV Mars detective car astronaut Mark Walter renovated in 《The Martain》? Now your Mars dreams could come true in the Mission to Mars workshop. This robot design workshop enables kids to design and make a Mars detective robot using the Logo Dimension Kit. It gives kids a real experience to feel the surface of the Mars.

The Martain

Dreamcar Workshop ( 16:00–17:00, 25.Jun)
Take your child with you to make a special car together.

Dreamcar Workshop

Workshop: Super programmer (10:30–11:30am, 26.Jun)
Mbot is easy for kids to learn Mblocky programming and use programs to operate the robot. This will be the first robot your kid learn.


Ganker robot fighting competition ( 15:30–17:00, 26.Jun)
Just take your cellphone and have a contest with other players.

Ganker Robot Competition

We are here waiting for your coming.
Activity time: 25.Jun ~ 26.Jun
Location: Metro Guangfo Line, Finance City station , Guangzhou city, Guangdong Province, China


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