Two Teams from Make Mountain Launched on Indiegogo This Month

Jul 28, 2016 · 2 min read

It’s really a honor to announce that two teams from MakeMountain have launched on Indiegogo this month. You might interested which projects they are. Follow me now.

Ganker Robots: The World’s Best Robot Warriors
Ganker robot is a personal sized fighting robot designed for exciting combat between competitors. You can play it with your family, your friends even your pets. It can move so freakishly fast in any direction because they are quipped with four all direction chassis. In each joint of the Ganker robot there is a servo motor, and it is these motors that bring your robot to life. Every piece of Ganker robot is equipped with a sensor to detect contact. know more…

CityGo Urban: Uniquely designed for urban lifestyles
CityGo Urban is Uniquely designed for urban lifestyles. Let’s face it, living in the city is great with its variety of public transport options, whether it be bus, subway, or train. One common complaint with these options, however, is that they do not necessarily bring you to your door. We are often left to figure out traversing the last bit of the journey from our stop to our destination, the distance that’s too far to walk but not far enough to take a cab. Meet the CityGo Urban, the e-scooter designed to change your urban commute forever! Let’s have a brief look to know more functions about it.

With MakeMountain’s incubate support and seed funding investment startup teams like them can go further.

If you are…
View:Want to be the leader of niche market
Production(barriers):Hardware+ software + service or proprietary technology
Hoping: Continuous iteration and maintaining
Cool Makers
Cool idea, know(understand) the requirement of the target users
Prototypes / demo can play the main function

Welcome come to us, let’s help you and your projects.


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