When We Talk About Hardware Start Up, Let’s Talk About Make Mountain Lean Manufacturing

How does your dream startup teams look like? A team consists of 2–3 people and has their own ideas and meanwhile likes to make their own product;it is possible that only one or two is expertise at hardware or software skills but short of funds and lack of knowledge in supply chain management and manufacturing.
In light of these difficulties, it does not hinder your way to success anymore in making a successful hardware product. Make Mountain will be a decent choice for you. We promise to provide the best and most professional service and facilities to you with purpose to push your product to a great success. Service includes seed-funding, free office, project management, lean manufacturing services.

Make Mountain

What does “Lean Manufacturing” actually means? It basically means multispecies, small amount, high quality and low cost. You can read wiki to learn more.
During the process of product development, it requires multi-iteration from prototype to small-batch product so that makes a good product. It is achievable but it is costly, time-consuming and unbelievable workload. Make Mountain’s on-site workshop, electronic lab and assemble line can enable startups get rid of these difficulties.

Lean Manufacturing in Hardware development

Make Mountain WorkShop
Shorten Fabricate Time: Teams can work in a free office provided by Make Mountain and fabricate their Mechanical parts at Make Mountain’s Workshop. We have skilled workers and expertise here to help at any time if needed. Face to face communication is also achievable here that allows designer to discuss with our staff once they have any problems that are likely to solved immediately. Consequently, the sample fabricate time will be shorten and the majority of samples can be finished in one day.
Lower Price: In Make Mountain Workshop, every fabrication is at cost value as we only charge for material cost and manual cost. Making sample here is half cheaper than manufacturing one outside.
Special Technology and Art: Once the team requires special technology and art which over our capacit, we are also able to suggest you a suitable factories around us.

Make Mountain Workshop

Make Mountain Electronic Lab
Teams are free to use many equipments in Make Mountain Electronic Lab, such as Manual SMT machines, test tools, desktop 3D printers and etc. Engineers are allowed to use the quipment to solder their circuit board and test the board to quickly modify it as well as make the engineering samples.

Make Mountain Electronic Lab

Make Mountain Assemble Line
Make Mountain Assemble line is not working everyday. It only works when the teams have requirement of small-batch product. Workers that we employed help for assembling must be professional enough that could quickly finish assemble in 1–2 days and package and ship. The assemble line is free as well, but teams have to pay for workers’ manual cost which is still cheaper than assembling outside.

Make Mountain Assemble Line

Make Mountain’s lean manufacturing service can save much time and money for startups. More importantly, our professional project management team are always here for help during the whole developing process and they will also help you to supervising the quality of product production.

Know more about Make Mountain: www.mtmake.com