“Easy Buy” MTO Token and how to use to Mobit’s cryptocurrency wallet

Mtobit Exchange
Feb 24 · 2 min read

Dear Valued Customers ! We are Mtobit Exchange.

On February 24, 2020, Mtobit Exchange will launch “Easy Buy” event and provide Token/Coin wallet system so that traders can buy MTO Token most easily, quickly and conveniently.

What is the “Easy Buy” Event ?

“Easy Buy” Event is a service that allows you to buy MTO token most easily, quickly and conveniently by several Tokens/Coins in Mtobit wallet.

Instruction to join in “Easy Buy” process

  • Step 1: Register membership on Mtobit.com
  • Step 2: Create cryptocurrency wallet to deposit coin (can be in BTC, USDT, or ETH)
  • Step 3: Deposit coin
  • Step 4: Log in “Easy Buy” event
  • Step 5: After carefully reading the conditions about “Buy Easy” and then proceed to buy
  • Step 6: After completion to buy, confirm the purchased deposit Coin/Token with buying condition

Notice: The Condition of “Easy Buy” among Coins or Tokens will be different, so please should read carefully before buying.

Instruction about MTO Token “Easy Buy”

You can check more detailed information of MTO Token on website: mto.mtobit.com

  • Buying price: 0,3$/MTO (12% discount from the original selling price 0,35$)
  • Minimum buying quantity: Over 1,000 MTO
  • Maximum buying quantity: 750,000 MTO
  • Use Cryptocurrency to buy: USDT, BTC, ETH

Time to buy:

  • Phase 1: From February 24 to March 1
  • Phase 2: From March 2 to March 8
  • Phase 3: From March 9 to March 15


To ensure the safety of member’s property from money laundering and other crimes, the limited deposit/withdrawal operation method and policy regarding Mtobit’s “Easy Buy” event may be replaced. Exchange required a verified bank deposit/withdrawal account.

After finishing “Easy Buy” (phase 1, phase 2, phase 3), user will simultaneously receive MTO Token from Mtobit Exchange. After the notice of ending the process of returning MTO Token, the owner can check the amount at: mto.mtobit.com.

MTO Token purchased will also be locked for a set period of time. You must have use the Ticket specified in the policy of Mtobit to be allowed to trade on exchange.

Purchased MTO Token in the form “Easy Buy” will be locked up for one year, in that year you must have aTicket to be able to trade on exchange.

After purchasing MTO, if you fail to verify your KYC indentity on Mtobit, the amount of cryptocurrency involved in the purchase will be refunded.

Coins/Tokens are supported on “Easy Buy”

  • Bitcoin — BTC
  • Ethereum — ETH
  • Tezos — TXZ
  • Bitsonic Coin — BSC
  • Ripple — XRP
  • EOS — EOS

This list will be increase future.

We are always looking forward to your support!

Mtobit Team,

Contact Us:

Mtobit Exchange

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Mtobit Exchange - Powered by Bitsonic

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