4 Tips to Know Your Anxiety Disorder is Not Just Normal Worry

There are many more people struggling with anxiety than you can possibly imagine. The dangerous thing about anxiety is that it can present itself in a huge range that goes from mild and perfectly controllable anxiety to the kind of feeling that can drive you nuts.

If you have experienced anxiety in the past and felt like you could control it, you should be on the watch for certain telltale signs that will let you know it is no longer in the normal levels that you can simply dismiss.

  1. Excessive worry. If you notice that you have certain episodes in your day when you worry excessively about something, no matter what it is, pay attention. If you have a long-lasting feeling of tension and dread for something in particular, or even worse, for nothing at all, your anxiety may be getting out of hand.
  2. Fear or panic. This is a very evident sign that comes along with anxiety disorders. You might feel constantly fearful of situations, panicked even at how things might go wrong one way or another. You might not even have a logical reason to feel this, so take a moment to asses why you are feeling this way.
  3. Mood swings. If you have trouble staying in a happy mood, even if everything seems to be right about you, or you notice that you are feeling and acting differently than you normally would in social situations, with a partner, family, or friends, it might be a good time to seek out treatment for anxiety disorder.
  4. Have you felt like these feelings mentioned above have led you to think you need to take drugs or consume alcohol? In this case, it is extremely important for you to find an anxiety disorder treatment that can help you deal with your situation. Alcohol and drug abuse that come from an anxiety disorder can be very dangerous.

If you can relate to these, or other symptoms that might be signs that you are losing control over your anxiety, for your own wellbeing, you should find an anxiety disorder treatment or program that can help you get back on your feet and regain control over yourself. Anxiety can lead to several harmful and self-destructive behaviors so the sooner you act and get some help, the better. There are a number of professionals who can provide you with all the services you need.

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