Chibi Fighters has launched! Now what the heck do I do?!

Chibi Fighters is a very promising game on the Ethereum blockchain. It involves cute (but savage!) collectible warriors that battle each other and make babies. Battles reward the victor with Ether (a.k.a. “ETH”, a.k.a. Ethereum), a cryptocurrency that fuels transactions on the Ethereum network. There’s a whole backstory about Chibis — worth a read!

How do I get my Chibi Fighters?!

So, Chibi Fighters launched today for “Founders” who bought limited edition, Founder Chibi Fighter tokens in the presale. Anyone who bought one or more of these tokens in the presale is now able to exchange them for Chibi Fighters.

The process to do so is as follows:

Fig 1. You won’t see the red text if you haven’t already approved FCF tokens for exchange.
  • Click Approve FCFs. You will get a popup asking you to enter how many FCF tokens you want to approve (Fig. 2). Fill that in and click OK. This step is essential, because the FCF token contract is separate to the main Chibi Fighters contract; the latter can’t just take your tokens without this approval.
Fig 2. How many FCF tokens do you want to approve for exchange?
  • MetaMask should appear (Fig 3), asking you to confirm the transaction. This costs a little bit of gas (which is paid to the miners who verify the transaction). Go ahead and check the details of the transaction, and submit it if everything looks okay. You may want to consult to see what the current recommended gas price is, and modify it in MetaMask if necessary.
Fig 3. Metamask confirmation for the Approve FCF transaction.
  • Wait for the above transaction to complete successfully. You can check the status of the transaction by clicking on the transaction in MetaMask, or by looking at your address in EtherScan. The url format for the EtherScan page for your address is, where 0x12345 is your full Ethereum address.
  • Once that transaction has succeeded, you can exchange your approved FCF tokens for Chibi Fighters! Unfortunately, you can only convert one token at a time. To do this, fill in the text fields on the right side of the page (Name your Chibi, Select your Region, and Battle Roar), and then click Buy Chibi with FCF. Don’t worry too much about getting the perfect name/region/battlecry — you can change these later (though it’ll cost you a few cents or so in gas). Once you’ve clicked the button MetaMask should once again pop up (Fig. 4), asking you to confirm this second transaction. Check the details and go ahead and submit it if all looks fine. This transaction is a bit more expensive than the previous one, and I’d recommend waiting until gas is cheap if the network is congested (check
Fig 4. Metamask confirmation for the Buy Chibi with FCF transaction.
  • Now you just need to wait until the transaction has been mined, and if it succeeded (it should), then you will have a brand-spanking new Chibi Warrior in your collection. You can see it at

Enjoy the game — see you on the battlefield!!

What if I missed out on presale?

Hey, cheer up — you can still play! You can either buy a Chibi with ETH from another player via OpenSea (snag a Gen0 Founder Chibi or maybe a Gen1), or else wait for the public launch on 12th May, where you’ll be able to buy non-Founder Gen0 warriors. The difference between Founder Chibis and non-Founder Chibis is that Founder Chibis have badass weapons and have a nice glowing aura around them (will be implemented soon).

I’m still confused about all of this… :(

If I’ve confused you, I apologise. I will self-flagellate immediately. Leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to help you out, or else drop by the Discord (where I’m doublejump) and ask us there.