Part A: Whatsapp group 
Two days after I told a girl we can’t be together. I got a notification that someone made a Whatsapp group ‘Forever Alone’. He made me its admin and left the group. Now, I was alone in this group. I thought someone is trying to play a prank with me. I traced his location; it was Kolkata (home town of that girl). It’s a mere coincidence I thought. A day later his location was Delhi, two days later it was Mumbai and it kept changing each subsequent day. It came to my mind, he might be a traveler who accidently put me in a Whatsapp group. Now, I stopped tracing him and decided to move on.

Part B: Headshot
A day later I was playing an online game. Suddenly someone came and took me down in a sniper dual. I knew only 2/100 people who could do that. But, this one was different. He killed me with a head shot that to head-on. Those 2 were only able to do that from behind. I thought it’s a bad day but decided to look at his user-name, it was ‘Bye Bye G.G’ (G.G were two initials of that girl). I got a bit angry but then suddenly he left the game. I had his I.P address so decided to trace his location. It was Kolkata again. A day later it was Delhi and so on. It was moving in same pattern like the earlier person. Now it was clear that he wasn’t actually moving. He was using a proxy server to move his I.P address location. I made contact with multiple hackers to find him but was not successful. I decided to trace his location in an hour interval. Now, he was at Goa , he took 9 hr. to move to Bengaluru, 6 hr. to move to Chennai , 13 
2 hr. Vishakhapatnam then Bhubaneswar and at the end Kolkata . This cycle started repeating again. The time taken was proportional to distances between these cities. Why he is maintaining this constant speed? He could just bounce from one city to another in constant time intervals. What is the significance of this numbers? Why he choose these cities? Why he is moving in a circle all over India? My mind got stuck in this Chukravyuh. The only thing that kept me going was his user-name. That day I googled ‘distance between Kolkata and Delhi’ it was 1305 k.m. suddenly my eyes went to a column below, it was written The driving distance between New Delhi and Kolkata is 1462 km’ it took 23 hr 25 min.. This was exactly the time he took to jump between these two cities. I googled distances between other cities and all matched with their time taken to move with motorised vehicles. This guy took me in a virtual tour to all these cities in a car or a bike. Connecting all these pts. brought an old memory back. 3 years ago I was at this canteen and was discussing with my friend about goals and ambition. He told me that he wishes to travel to all major cities of India on a Harley. That time I asked him to include me in that voyage.

Part C: Realisation
I immediately packed my bag, shaved, shower and left for Nanded (His home town). I hugged him really tight and cried for a moment. He was surprised that even though it took 11 days, I was able to solve this puzzle. Those were my best two days of summer ever spend. We decided as soon as we have enough money, we won’t think about Job or family, we would complete this voyage.

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