I would sell you 20lbs weight loss Nonsense Fad Product by labelling a Smoothie or Detox..

I would sell you just water by adding few extra minerals, ginger, lemon or by adding few veggies in it and labelling it as BEST DETOX and lose upto 10lbs in a week..

I would sell you a 10lbs weight Loss Best Smoothie by just mixing few flavors and fruits in it..

I would sell you a Best Weight Loss Remedie so you can lose Weight fast in few weeks by mixing any Fiber supplement in it...

All these Craps Products are just to trigger your psychology and your mind..

What is common in every product a Liquid or Water..

If i ask you to drink water almost 10 to 15 glass per day and that ll make you scare because you don't want to put some efforts for yourself..

You don't have time..
You have busy schedule.
You are occupied..
You are busy in gym busting your ass all the day..
You can't make few mints for you.... Long list

But here is something interesting..
That cost you Nothing.. Just Free or just 200 for 3 Litre bottles per day but that will save your 50k to 100k in longer run that you would never imagine..

But at the same token when someone mix same water and put a Labell on it with Best Detox Fiber and trick your mind with Lose upto 10lbs with this Ginger Smashing Product... You ll definitely buy it whatever it would cost 5k 10k 15k 20k or 50k to you and you will be okay with that..

Making it fancy for you and branding it with few strategies would definitely make a good business but in a longer run you might lose lbs and gain all double back but your Health would definitely be vulnerable.

Seriously if you want it free, for most of you and all those reading this if you just add 10 to 15 glass of water daily in your life you ll get so much small health benefits and this will save your so many prescriptions bills and dr visits..

Healthy choices we make daily impact a big difference in longer run..

Take care your Health with these small habits and save yourself with tons of prescriptions.

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