I know far more than you realize.
Lance Haley

Take it from me, Joe L.
You don’t know jack shit!

Let me introduce myself.
I’m the one who works to pay for all your liberal horseshit.

What do you promise in return?
 1. Health insurance that costs more than my house payment.
 2. Gender confused individuals and perverts sharing space with my wife and daughters.
 3. Restriction of my God given right to keep and bear arms.
 4. Regulating me out of a job in the name of stopping climate change, saving desert tortoises or preserving a Nebraska mud puddle you call a wetland habitat.
 5. Immigration policies that threaten to take my job, endanger my life and change my culture.
 6. The constant whine of sensitive individuals and their virtue signaling combined with the never-ending drone of accusations of racism, xenophobia, bigotry and misogyny.

Sorry, but I fail to see how voting for Trump/Conservatives is voting against my own self-interests.

Does the Obamacare repeal piss me off? Absolutely! I think the RINOs in the party have either bought into the “healthcare is a right” mantra or are too scared to shit or get off the pot.

Is Trump a jackass? Maybe, or maybe he plays one hell of a game of “Hey Look! A Squirrel!”
While liberals have been focused on Russia, palace intrigue and a dysfunctional legislative branch, Trump has put a conservative Supreme Court Justice on the bench, increased my 401k balance and began the process of dismantle the crippling regulatory apparatus that burdens this country. 
If all Trump accomplishes is putting a Supreme Court Justice or two on the bench and destroying the entrenched bureaucracy in Washington, I’ll be satisfied.

Thanks for your concern and support, but I think I’ll ride this conservative thing out.

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