Practicing Happiness to boost your confidence

I my life I have seen thousands of people who are highly confident. Most often I used to think about them how these folks are so confident. I found one thing which I saw in all of them is “they do what they want”. God has created us with unbelievable abilities, skills only thing is we all need to know is discover ourselves. Our natural behavior is to love, care, serve to others. We are not haters by birth but lovers! But we born in a society where children are not being appreciated when they done something beautifully they get scold from others that’s the one of biggest cause of unconfident peoples. When we will behave naturally like loving others, helping others, serving humanity, we will please ourselves that will be the cause of our happiness and when we will be happy confidence will come from inside of us. Just do what you love, and take your own decisions in life that will give you confidence. Never feel regret when you have learned from your mistakes!