Informational Interview

Formal interview with senoirs

I have a lot of seniors in my social networks as wells as in my professional networks and I have many options to choose but I choose two of them that are more related to me and have a detailed conversion of 15-20 min each and I asked them following questions:

1) How to come to know about the vacancy

2) Is there is initial amplitude test for this

3) References are required or not

4) What is your starting salary

5) What are the difficulties that you have to face in getting the job

6) What is the environment of company

7) What kind of skills required to become professional

8) Have you apply for the broad studies

9) What are the criteria and requirement for broad studies

10) How to get scholarship for higher studies

The final conclusions that I get are:

1) A person must have strong network and must be updates about the jobs vacancies.

2) References are not matter some time, its all matter your ability and thrust to get the job

3) You must have good communication skills

4) Starting with low salary doesn’t matter because when you have experience you atomically become valuable for company

5) Do not waste time

6) Must participate in extracurricular activities

7) You must have a very smart and sharp CV

8) Always try to apply in international companies also.

This is very good experience to have a talk with the person who is working in the industry where you want to go in the nearby future. This activity provides me a lot of new information that are helpful for me while applying jobs and through this I finally come to know the difficulties that I am going to face in my future. This is called “ Ek or Ek ghyaran” and now I am “just start” to improve my skills accordingly.

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