Learning about our abilities from our friends and surrounding

New skills that you learn from others

I enjoyed a lot while receiving feedback and comments regarding to my personality and skills. All the comments are very valuable to me because they really come to know me what I am and what can I do actually. I meet some of friends personally and contact others through phone and asked them about my own self. Firstly through this I have a connection with my friends one again and secondly I also come to know some extra skills that I have.

According to my friend I am unpredictable, they say you are always unpredictable because sometime we feels that you are not able to do this but you have guts and do it very well and example that they give to me is related to my studies because I am always an average in my studies but the only one who got admission in U.E.T and they not even know that this is not my ability it’s all because due to my Allah Almighty, He always support me and making me unpredictable in front of others.

Some friend thinks that I can to many people and might be good in making friends and this help me a lot in making good professional connections and improving my professional life and here I just want to discuss the rule of give and take when you give respect to others then other will also give you respect in return.

Some of my life’s big achievements means my friends thought that I am always fresh and in good mood and this skill help me a lot in my professional life because everyone like the smiling face and like to communicate with those that looks good to them but in real everyone is beautiful because he is made by the Perfect (Allah) so I also come to know that they think I am very looking fresh and that is good to me.

Similarly I have many skills that’s I come to know through my friends but as my midterms is going and I have to prepare my paper so this is enough I think so and I just like to share my skills that I conclude from my past as well as through my friends :




Good communication skills




Tension less (I think this is due to my strong believe on Allah Almighty)


Love to work in team work

Accept challenges etc

This activity teach me a lot about myself and I come to know my new and interesting facts and skills. Friends are everything without them person is nothing I thing in every personality friends play an important role and guide us in each and every step whenever we need and also support us whether we are right or wrong. Luckily I have many good friends and due I am I due to them. Now after this activity I am going to apply Amal’s principles of “just start” and start to improve myself and my skills continuously by knowing “khudi” and have “sabr e jameel“ to face my difficulties bravely.