Source of Happiness

The world looks so boring and disgusting even you have friends, family and all other resources that keep you happy and you are not enjoying as you should. And the reason is, you are not happy from inside and you are not satisfied internally. These little things not let you to think properly and enjoy the happy moment of life. Sometime you also look so happy but this happiness is for very short period of time. Your inside has a lot of impact on your external and you can change situation by satisfying yourself internally. Whenever you are happy internally, your senses works properly, you can handle the tough task easily, like to do that work which you always fear to do and quality of your task is also too good.

For the happiness you should change yourself from your inside. Try to keep yourself happy from inside and being yourself. Always look for solving the problem never think any negative. Worshiping the Allah Almighty always give you the internal satisfaction and you look fresh. World is nothing just sometime that we have to stay there. Always do the good deeds, help others, worship the Allah Almighty if you want to remain happy and successful.

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