Abdul sIttar Edhi (kam kam kam )


“My religion is humanitarianism…which is the basis of every religion in the world” says Edhi in the most admired philanthropy of Pakistan.

Born 1928 bantva a small town in a Kathiawar (state of Gujarat in India). Abdul sittar Edhi sometimes called “father Tresa” but he dislikes to be called by this name .it is said when he was 11 year old his mother got paralyzed .and subsequently became a mentally instable.

Apparently that was first shock Edhi got after that he starts care of his ailing mother but unfortunately despite of his best efforts his mother passed away .Edhi was 19 year when he and his family migrated and settled in Pakistan after independent 1947. He done all the things in his life through kam kam kam .

In his college life he got a two paisa one for him and other for donate on needy is that one afternoon he and his friend going to football. Passing the bazar he and his friend saw man a laying on the plate form outside the shutter shop .His experience told him that his was not a professional bagger .He was wounded and shivering with high fever. Then he told his friend you go ahead I will join you later. After that he returned his home .His mother gave him meters, blanket, medicine. After that he went back and cleans him and bandaged his wounded.

In the next morning he returned with his breakfast and surprised to see that he was almost recoved.after that Edhi sb took him in mosque. His friend makes a fun but he never about others and doing his job. in this he forgot the surrounding even his mother also serve that person .through this he struggled hard to read the story of leaders know to himself what he is ,and what for he made . After that Edhi started peddler and later become a commission agent selling cloth in Karachi‘s wholesaler market after that Edhi established a free dispensary.

Through all this he made a saving and struggled hard and buys a van 5000 and start to serve humanity. He never think about others what they think about him .never think about others who make a fun of his .just be focused and and with his consistence he achieved all the things that he want to achieve. He started his project with small, when he stared his efforts he has one ambulance but now it’s around 2000 ambulances serve the humanity.

Now Edhi sb have a world largest emergence medical assistance serve 2000 ambulances,28 rescue boats,2 air planes edhi animal shelter,edhi education services ,free OPD,patient utility services nursing traing services ,free consultancy clinic, laborites, all these things happen with full devotion self believe and hardworking and team work…

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