Activty1: Learning about your abilities from your friends:

Learning is the other name of creativity, its increases the hidden abilities in which you. Every person has many skills and abilities but only few are well known by every person. Though your skills and abilities you can make everything possible either in your professional life or practical life. To know from others we able to fight with our short comings and knows the different way to approach the correct way for solutions.

Now I performed the activity which is assigned to me by Amal Academy to know the hidden Skills and abilities .I think that every person can learn new things any time anywhere just to start the things. In your starting you may face the difficulties to achieve the task but in the other end you also have find different way to get out from that situation. Just to be taking the initiative every time even you know about the 10 % about that thing and rest of the 90 % will find their ways himself to achieve the task. One main thing is that you should believe in yourself that you can achieve everything!

In this activity I send request on Facebook and Gmail more than 10 friends to reply me on that: what they got experienced from me, and what are the skills and abilities they observed? They reply me in different way. Their statements are different and very interesting and enjoyable for me. There are more skills and abilities came to in my knowledge after their feedback which is very helpful to me to overcome the weakness.

Muhammad Sajjad replied that I’m honest, kind, trust worthy also said that I’m so emotional , In his reply I found that I’m extra emotional then other. It helps me to control my emotions and also able me to find the way to get rid from it. Mr Nazeef One of my best friend said that Sajid you are very friendly, cooperative and social. He also told me that i should need to control my emotion. Zeshan (zee sweet) said that being as friend I found you a helpful to the batch mates in their assignments and their project as well. And you have a ability to leads the people such as leadership .Irfan ( Fanu) replied me that you think positive about other things and you are extraversion . Also said that I multiple tasking ability to delay with different things at a time.

The main thing in learning that you must thought about the new thing which you discover for yourself. It might be most powerful tool for you than any other thing you have .Always get ready to explore yourself with different ways. Its creates the opportunities to know well about you and makes you more valuable and strong in you practical and social life.

“What we learn with pleasure we never forget “



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