Never Look back, Just move forward ( Kaam kaam kaam )

Credit goes to Amal Academy

I want to work hard till my signature become an autograph. “I believe that bad things happen in life to teach us how to look at good things in a whole night”. My story started when I began to think about my future. I was in a metric class. My finals exams were near. That’s day my elder brother was applying in a Hailey college of commerce for Hons. My brother has talented but not a hard working student after applying in Hailey College of commerce He failed to take an admission due to high merit then he feels a lots of frustration .that’s day I am also have given the exam of metric ,then my brother encourage me Sajid you should make the goal to get the admission in Hailey college and make the habit of hard work before metric I was not a hard working student after seen failure of my brother I started work hard with full devotion. After that I got a admission in Punjab college sahiwal and start work with full devotion .after two year I saw improvement in myself I got a 5th position in intermediate then apply Hailey college of commerce for hons with the help of Allah my parents and my beloved one I selected .I learnt from this only one thing that everything is possible to achieve with hard work and consistency.

“Think positive, positive things will happen “.

After that my university life has been started .It’s very enjoyable for me because I started to explore knowledge of my seniors roommate. They also guide me to how could I step forward. My senior roommate defines a quotation:

“Your level of success is only pre-determined by your level of effort.”

He said to me work hard more with full devotion.


After that I made mind that INSHA ALLAH I will get a job in public sector with hard works and consistency. And this is my dream and my goal .i want to achieve this goal because I want to support my family financially. My father income is very low to run the whole family.INSAALAH after achieving this I will make a new goal that would be different and big goal and Insha’Allah I will also achieve that goal. I have started create plan to achieve my goal to got a job in public sector that I have already mention in just start the project. Plan is major element provide a way that how we can gain a success:

“Don’t just dream of success: create a plan and act upon it! Your momentum creates a door upon which opportunity knocks.”


That I have faced toward achieving my goal

1) Financial problems

2) I was suffer severe stomach attack

3) Lack of speaking power

I will apply these main three tasks to achieve my goal which are the following.

1. Explore the knowledge from different books

2. Improve my communication skills

3. I will join any part time job for getting experience

I learn from this experience

I have learnt many things from this journey. There are a lot of challenges that I had faced during my journey. I learn from these challenges that we should never give up our attempts.

“If you feel like giving up just look back on how far you are already “

Never give up stay focused, stay positive, and stay strong. Don’t look back just move forward to think about your goal which you want to be achieve and make it possible with full devotion.

MY next step to enhance my skills

Now I am studying in 8th semester near to complete my degree. And Now I have been join amal academy .In a 3 month of AMAL fellowship, I want to enhance my skills abilities (e.g. Communication interviewing, teamwork and strong networking etc. I am so glad being a part of amal fellowship because I have learnt a lot of new things from AMAL as well as learn four principles of progress in last session

1) Amal

2) Khudi

3) Kam Kam Kam

4) Ek or k giara

All four principles really motivate me and give me a self believe, self-confident. I really I thanks to AMAL TEAM, they provide me such types of plate form which I never before I think even in my dream.
 I thanks to Almighty ALLAH Pak for such blessings! Alhudulillah !