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It’s this kind of finger-pointing that we must get away from. Should we not all stop and re-think what we have all been doing for so long now?

The current strategy, of all sides, has brought us to this sorry state. Should not all sides be looking for a new way forward where we can all focus on opposing the Tories instead of each other?

I think I speak for a sizeable section of Labour supporters, both inside and outside the party, when I say we are sick and tied of the incessant squabbling and power games.

Instead of helping the poor, the low paid, those in poverty, the disabled and the ordinary working man whom the Tories seem intent on disenfranchising,

Labour’s efforts over the last few years have helped the Tories more than anyone. Often ignoring the harm done to those who they should be representing, because of petty power-games…

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