As the sound that one listens to when there is silence

John Cage was a well known American composer, He was very famous of his idea and compositions on 20th century. After learning piano as a child and and studying with classical composer called Arthur Schoenberg, he cooperate with dancer Merce Cunningham and painter Robert Rauschenberg and began to experiment with different techniques.

John Cage was known not just for his musical talent but also with his conceptual ideas. One of his famous piece is called “4'33” it is a perfect example of this technique idea. John Cage think that no such a silent in this world, silent is a form of sound which have a qualities of music.

“There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear. In fact, try as we may to make a silence, we cannot.” ― John Cage

John Cage talk about silent

After I have recorded the silent atmosphere in Goodsline and listen again and again, I more understand about my research, I realised that even nobody is talking, i still be able to hear noise come from the footsteps, bird voice, wind sound and also leaf sound. It is a reflection from John Cage idea when he perform ‘silence’ and all that is heard is the sound from the audience.

John Cage is also well known for how he show his works in visual interpretations. He often used many sheets of paper and transparancies to draw a vertical lines, curve lines, vertical line and dots that spread across the plastic to interpretation his work.

John Cage — Fontana Mix

I produce a drawing that portrays the sounds that I recorded of Goodsline. Same like John Cage did, I used a variety of line, curve, shape to interpretation my work, I drew the big circle to represent 30 second time, and I used curve line to represent leaf sound, square shape to represent footsteps, triangle to represent bird voice and a ‘sound’ symbol around the drawing to represent the wind sound. I used different size in my work to illustrate the different volumes of each of the sounds I recorded. For example, the largest square shape portray the louder noise of the footsteps.

my work

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