Did You Ever Think You Were Put On This Earth For A Purpose…But You Have No Idea What It Is?

I have come to realize there is a reason why I am still here, and have not died several times over. Sometimes I would like to know why that is, but then again, I think that if I did know why I am still here that might change things. Well any way, let me explain. I was in my first accident at a young age. A car came speeding out of a side street and slammed into my mother’s car on the passenger side. It hit the bar in the middle between the doors. The scary thought is that if it had hit a door, either I or my younger brother would have probably died that day. Coming forward in time, I now have a car of my own and I am not very good at driving it at the start. I am backing into bushes and other cars, its not a pretty sight. As I get better, I become a lead foot and a speed demon. I take a challenge from a Corvette in my Fiero and loose. The road is slick and I forget there is a turn in the road ahead. I miss the turn and jerk the wheel too hard trying to recover. I hit another car in the on coming lane and we both go spinning off the road. They hit a light pole and the windows blow out of their car, glass flying everywhere. I hit a barrier and spin back into traffic and then back out hitting the barrier again, before rolling to a stop. Looking around I call to an a passing car for an ambulance and the police. I get out of what is left of my car, which is not much, and run to the other car. The passenger, a woman gets out of the car, but the driver a man sits in his seat with a blank stare. He seems to be alright. We both check out fine in the ambulance, I just have a bump on my head; his arm is a little messed up. He recovers his wits and tries later to sue me in court. Several years later, I am married for the first time, at this particular time my husband and I had been walking around the neighborhood, but I am not remembering the reason. Anyway we are about to cross an overpass, when a car coming up the ramp hits a car coming across the pass. The car from the ramp comes spinning across the pass and skids to a stop just a few feet from where i am standing on the sidewalk at the far end of the pass. The other car has stopped about midway across. Not worrying about what might of just happened to me, my instinct is to help. I go to the first car and find a pregnant woman, who is scared and in much pain, I am not sure but she could be in labor. I call out to my husband to call for an ambulance and police. Rushing to the other car, the drive sits in a daze, but the passenger, her husband, seems to be having difficulty. I go around to his side and see if there is anyway I can help. I have him lean back in the seat and try to take slow deep breaths, thinking to myself that it looks like he could be having a heart attache. The ambulance and police come; both the pregnant woman, and the man with possible heart attache are taken to the hospital. My husband and I finish our walk and return home. it amazes me that in each of those situations my life was spared. But its not just these scenarios, I have done so many stupid or thoughtless things in my life and here I live still to this day…Don’t get me wrong I am thankful and no I don’t want to know why I am still here. I’ll let that remain a mystery.

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