Growing Older Before Your Ready

I don’t think, I will ever be ready to be my age. The women in my family never look their age. Good genes I guess. Many people have mistaken my age for 38, when in actuality my age is 51. It could also be that in my second marriage, my hubby is 36 and also looks young for his age. Though I must say appearance is one thing, the physical age of the body can be totally different. pre-menopause set in for me at 45 and changed me, in my opinion, not for the better. I went from an introverted, soft spoken, people pleaser; to an extrovert, medium to loud speaking individual, with an opinionated mind of her own. I don’t try to please anyone except my husband. I don’t take crap from anyone. I swear some of the worse things, I would never have thought to even think of before. As for the physical part of this change: I ache in places I never would have thought to ache; headaches come more often and take longer to go away; mood swings are very abrupt; my temper in extreme; I have trouble sleeping, though I am physically tired, the mind will not settle down from the days events. I also find that all these new effects cause me to be lazy when it comes to household chores and I have to force myself to go on adventures outside the house or I would just sit in-front of the computer all day long. You may read my profile on here and wonder if I am this lazy how can I be an Archaeologist? Well the title for now still needs to be earned, but it is worn with pride for I just recently graduated from college with two bachelor’s degrees, one of them being in Anthropology. But at this time it is difficult to find work. But when I do, I must be physically ready for it. Creaky, Groaning, Aching Muscles aside this body needs to be in much better shape then it is right now. I would like to pride myself in being physically 38 as well as having the appearance of being 38.

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