The Hunter, The Gatherer, The Wheel and Food

Originally written — June 7, 2013

We arose to the sun peeking through the overlapping curtains. this day would be a little different; for we were about to do something we had not done in many months…rent a car. Though the people at Hertz knew us well, it had been some time and we both new we were in for an interesting excursion. Both having gone through our morning routines and with bus fare in hand we were off.

A jog to the stop and a few morning stretches while we waited, the bus soon arrived. The ride was as eventful as always, starting with the smell, pungent and overpowering, wafting threw the bus. A combination of sour sweat, Old Spice and canned tuna. The sound of a young child crying came from the back of the bus, his mother, most elegantly, screaming profanity back in his face and threatening bodily harm if he didn’t stop; for he was interrupting her cell phone conversation. Personally I tried to drown this out with thoughts in my own head, but it was quite alarming to hear her choice of words to the child. My personal masseuse found solace in his cell phone and its ear buds, I wouldn’t mind on a normal basis, but he was tuning me our as well.

Finally we arrived at the required stop and set off, on foot, towards our destination. The rain seems to stay a persistent mist as we made our way off the bus. Our travels took us down a side street lined with a typical array of houses, apartment buildings, a business, and nature’s display of flora and fauna. About half way down the street my nose seemed to take on a life of it’s own, with the chill in the air caused by the rain. I began to sneeze excessively, to anyone passing by I must have looked like one of those loony bobble head dolls. Getting myself under control we proceeded down the sidewalk, hand in hand, enjoying the jorney; smiling conspiratorially as we noticed the rental agency just up the street.

We were greeted by the familiar face of Mike, upon walking through the glass doors…We like Mike, he treats us with respect and we always find a little something extra in our rental package. I am a ‘gold’ memeber, but Mike seems to know how to make it, just a bit, better then what you would normally expect. This time he had gone with a mid size car (instead of the compact we normally rent) and threw in a few bells and whistles: satellite radio, electric everything and GPS, and the color, well ‘blue’ of course. After signing on the dotted line, we were our the door and seated in our shiny new rental, smiling at each other, once again, like naughty little children. To anyone else this wouldn’t mean much, but we love renting a car, its something special for us and we try not to abuse the privilege…to much.

Our first stop, breakfast, the best meal of the day, right? Some like to think so, for us, its just another way to make this day special. We sped off towards a quaint little corner dinner were we had our first date, it had also been many months since we had been there and we were really looking forward to experiencing it once again. The corner booth was our favorite spot, when not perched on a stool at the counter. The first time here ‘mister right’ ordered me, a crescent with cream cheese and chocolate syrup flavored coffee, the best breakfast a girl could ever want. This mist filled morning after parking the newly acquired rental car in the back lot, we walked into the dinner and were smacked in the face with a cacophony of loud talking customers, never had we seen the place so crowded, our corner both, thankfully was open. We both ordered omelets, his was ham and cheese, mine was mushroom and cheese, very delicious and worth waiting for…while we waited we had an unexpected chat with one of the cooks, taking a much deserved break from the heat of the kitchen.

As we left the dinner, the rain still blanketing the earth with a fine mist, we quickly walked back to the car and made a semi-smooth exit from the parking lot. My sweetie turning on the ‘navigator’ and punching in our next destination, which sadly was not quite correct and we started heading the wrong direction; encouragingly we both recognized this right away and proceeded to correct the situation before we had traveled to far into unknown territory. Back on track we continued on to get my honey’s fingerprints processed and the paperwork filled out for his background check, app part of the process for his massage therapy class.

On the way back from the fingerprinting, we stopped at a favorite farmer’s market, to find that as we stepped away from the car the keys were still in it…crap! the car had one of those push button start things and the keys had been sitting in the cup holder between the seats, neither one of us thinking to grab them on the way out of the car…Oops! but with quick thinking hubby to be, thought to call the rental agency, who swiftly rerouted us to the roadside assistance people, who once again swiftly called ‘On Star’, who speedily found us by satellite and opened the licks on the car…technology isn’t it great!

This is were I must give a little background info, you see we have started the new ‘Paleo’ diet, because for the last ten years or so, I have looked like I am permanently pregnant with triplets and this has made most of me ache and sometimes I find it difficult to do everyday things without a little assistance, which in my mind will not be tolerated any longer. I am on a mission to correct this once and for all. For you see my cooking has also made a little pug around the middle of my, once improved now slightly chunky sweetie.

Our mission today was to find foods listed on our Paleo diet plan, which mainly consisted of meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, etc. So after leaving the Farmer’s Market with so many non-Paleo food items we headed off to the Meat Market and Save A Lot. From that excursion we came away with a few choice meat items, a cantaloupe, two sweet potatoes and sadly a box of ‘Moose Tracks’ ice cream… i really need help.