Price Changes 2016

Towards the end of 2015 we noticed a high demand in web hosting. We found that over 50% of our customers we’re coming back each month and not only paying for the service they currently hold, but buying new services too.

From February 2016, our prices will be changing. We will be having a slight increase on the monthly cost but expanding the options for how you pay to match. We understand changing our prices can have a slight affect on our customer numbers, but we want to inform you why the change is happening.

Like mentioned at the beginning, website hosting is growing bigger, in order for MultiByte to keep you on the front foot, the extra cost will go toward improving our servers, adding additional features, expanding globally and improving the way we work. Please see below our new changes.

Why is there a contract?

The contract is in place for those who wish to make extra savings on their hosting. Although we are not demanding everyone switches to 12 month contract this option is most rewarding.

What happens next?

Our prices take automatic affect in February. We allow our customers until February 1st, to pick a new plan option. You’ll then be switched and billed normally.

Please note, contract options are subject to customer credit check.