Aluminium Composite Panels - The Preferred Choice of Architects, Builders and Interior Designers

Aluminium composite panels are being widely used for displays, signage, as sign boards and advertising panels. Aluminium composite panels can be used as sign supports or sign fixings, and are being used in galleries and exhibitions adding a flourish to the show. Panels or sheets of aluminium composite can be cut into flat two dimensional shapes for purposes of individual lettering and logo forming, making it ideal for corporate use. The composite panels are suitable for use in modern day construction. Aluminium composite panels are easy and affordable to buy in completed and ready to use finishes. They can be cut ready for folding into trays or column cladding. They can also be used for purposes of interior decoration and industrial use. The composite panels can find use as wall paneling and suspended ceilings, in homes, offices, cafes and restaurants, banks hotels and apartment buildings. They can be be used for making kitchen cabinets, or partitions and serve as an ideal decorative material for the inner and outer walls of a building improving the overall ambiance. Given the multiplicity of uses it is no wonder, that the market for aluminium composite panels is growing at a rapid pace.

Polyester coated aluminium composite panels are best suited for use within the building interiors, while the more durable PVDF coating with anti ageing properties and high ultraviolet resistance is suited to exterior or outdoor applications. Color changing and discoloration are observed in cases where the aluminium composite panel chosen was not the right type. Aluminium composite panels come with two different coatings, either a polyester or a PVDF coating. Again with cases of splitting or peeling the fault is not with the composite panel, but in the choice of adhesive. When used in outdoor applications a silicone based adhesive should be used. For applications within the interiors of a building any other adhesive may be used. The ideal material to be used as accessories for aluminium composite materials in an exposed environment is to use steel or aluminium profiles, this will prevent any bulging. By following the above measures you can reap the several benefits of using aluminum composite panels.

The immense range of aluminium composite panels to meet and suit a variety of applications combined with the processing and folding characteristics provide the architect, contractor and client a pleasing outcome. Multipanel UK manufactures a wide variety of aluminium composite panels for use in exterior cladding solutions, curtain walling and facades, to premium quality aluminium composite panels suited for sign making and outdoor display boards, trade stand designs and point of sale displays. Multipanel UK has pioneered the development of an aluminum composite material for use in the print market, it features an ultra white finish with excellent ink adhesion qualities. Manufactured in the company’s own production facility in accordance with strict quality control features, all aluminum composite products conform to international standards. Whether you want to use it for purposes of renovation and interior decoration, advertising, construction or industrial use, you can try using aluminium composite panels for the best outcome.