• Jacek Łubiński

    Jacek Łubiński

    VC @ Market One Capital, investing at seed stage in #marketplaces and #SaaS across Europe. Also interested in #crypto, brain-machine interfaces.

  • Or Luis Shemtov

    Or Luis Shemtov

  • Chris Corbishley

    Chris Corbishley

    VC investor with a particular interest in Financial Services across all stages from seed on

  • Gennadii Nissenbaum

    Gennadii Nissenbaum

  • Florian Resch

    Florian Resch

    VC Investor, Partner @IST cube / Investing early in deep tech and science based startups and spin-offs / www.ist-cube.com

  • Kelly Moulton

    Kelly Moulton

    An American living in Bergen, Norway. Husband. Father of 3. CCO, Sensar Marine, makers of SmartBoat One.

  • Chris


  • Jascha Samadi

    Jascha Samadi

    Partner at Greenfield One, former AdTech Founder (apprupt — acquired by Opera), Techno Kid

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