How to be successful with your ideas ?

Successful ideas — Flipkart, Ola, Neuron, Newsbytes or have this one incredibly simple thing in common.

Someone had to stand up and say the most powerful 6 words I know:

I am going to do it!

And whether you want to start a unique company, design your first app, create your own clothing line or start a foundation, you will have to say this magical sentence too.

It sounds too simple right? These 6 words.

Think about it. Almost everyone you know had a brilliant idea that could make them rich. Probably half of those people had an idea that later became super successful for someone else.

The only difference? The person who succeeded at one time said:

I am going to do it!

This simple sentence is the crucial transition between a vision and an action. That’s why it’s so important.

It’s great to have a good idea, but for most people, once they have an idea, they are paralyzed. They are stuck with inaction. And most of the time, they think they shouldn’t talk about it because someone might steal it. Ever notice that squirrels always think you’re going to steal their nuts? So they bury them and most of the time they forget about them or can’t find them again. Well, believe it or not, this is the way most good ideas die.

So today, I want you to break this habit. If you think you have a great idea, don’t bury it. Write your goal on a piece of paper.

Then read it aloud and say:

I am going to do it!

Tell us your words of success.