Own your personality

Now a days I have seen a lot of people not acting upon how they are actually from inside but act how they want to be perceived in the world.

Now, how to know discover your own unique personality

There is no straight path to take discover or identify your own personality. Like for me I got to know my personality by doing experimenting with a lot of various things.

  1. Exploring the world
  2. Doing a lot of activities
  3. Reading books
  4. Talking to people

There is a lot of things you can do to own your own personality.

The experiences you go through in your life and what decisions you take through those experiences and situations that really matters for your personality.

That is why people and even our parents say that before taking any decision always think and then take the decision, this tends to be proven right, time-and-again, because what people say because the more we place our thoughts and thinking into a decision, the more we think in a rational way not in a foolish way.

With my experience i can say that, i have also taken decisions in life those were not thought through and i went through a lot of hell because of not using that experience of thinking before acting on a situation, so always think before taking a decision because they play a very crucial role in shaping-up your personality.

People who we admired if you look at their past they never settled down without exploring the world or their decisions or choices they wanted to make in life.