Building off last month’s update, we are now rounding up work for the implementation of the on-chain database on our platform. We are completing the porting of the drivers for the following languages: python, c # and c ++. Once this part will be finished and after verifying its functionality we will publish the code on Github, probably at the end of the current month.

We are also pleased to announce that over the last few weeks, the Multiversum Smart Contract has been subjected to an audit (revision) allowing our team to correct any and all errors reported.

We are delighted to announce our latest listing on

Following our first listing for the year on Azbit, we promised to unveil another exchange to increase eMTV’s liquidity, accessibility, and visibility, our listing on Crex24 gives us that.

With approximately $3m daily volume, easy account creation, and a responsive support system, Crex24 is renowned for being supportive of emerging assets and providing a nurturing ground for them.

eMTV is tradable under three pairings — BTC, ETH, and USD

In this month’s update, we’ll not only be presenting this month’s tech update, but we will also be peeling back the layers on what the current iteration of Multiversum is about.

As announced in our previous update, we continued to work on the implementation of the on-chain database. Our plan is to deliver this milestone as soon as possible to not only enable our community to start interacting with the blockchain but to also start identifying resources and targets for building a developer community.

Currently, development on both the Java driver and the smart contract are rapidly approaching a stage where we can start compiling detailed documentation on their implementation and utility for the community. We are now working on completing the driver interface. …

As previously announced, we are still working at the implementation of the on-chain database. However, we think that there was been a huge misunderstanding on how the implementation was communicated. Contrary to initial perception, the work done has not been resetted, rather we are focused on working on the drivers. Resetting the work done on the IOTA / Coordinator protocol would have resulted in a massive waste of time.

The development of the project continues with working functions like the RPC provider connection, execution of query SQL for the creation of new databases, tables or strings(with the possibility to extract…

Following recent developments with IOTA, the development team has been forced to find an alternative solution for the consensus system without requiring a coordinator. Findings have revealed that it will not be safe to use the current system without a coordinator if the network is to follow standard security protocol.

We are proud to present this month’s update to the community. It marks a critical milestone that we have promised to deliver. This milestone is the launch of our testnet and the uploading of the Source Code on the Multiversum GitHub Repository.

With the publication of the Source Code, we can now publicly show the diligent effort of the team and open up development to critical feedback. …

This update is to inform you that the Testnet is set for release on Wednesday, 29 Jan 2020. The initial release date was set for late December last year. However, in order to release a more feature-rich product, this delivery date was pushed forward to give the developers more time for a robust launch.

The community will be able to try out critical feature of the wallet including address creation, sending and receiving testnet tokens, account balance status, and checking the status of their transaction. The team will also be organizing a live Q&A session to not only commemorate this…

Hello Everyone!

Over the past weeks, we’ve increasingly been receiving queries about the future for the ongoing airdrop. As most of you rightly know, last week was technically the last week for our Airdrop program according to the initial roadmap. However, our recent overhaul of the roadmap to account for changes in development invalidated most of what was initially laid out — except the airdrop.

Until now, that is.

With the postponement of TestNet and MainNet’s launch dates (as documented in the previous roadmap) and therefore the utility of the token, the foundation has deemed it appropriate to continue with…

With the testing phase of the testnet underway and delivery scheduled for the end of the year, it’s time to remind the community about our upcoming Q&A session, the first of which is just around the corner. This event will allow the community to get all their pressing questions and concerns regarding the development of the project and its direction.

To give everyone enough time to send in their questions via email, November 29th has been scheduled for the event. Send your questions from 10 AM to 10 PM CEST to our email address,, for the team to answer…


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