Fig and Feta Salad from Mia Cucina. Image Source — APB Cook Studio

A Perfect Partea

Written by Madhura Rao

When I was told that Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal was hosting a women’s day rendezvous, I was as happy as a clam. No, honestly. Isn’t food and wine the best way to celebrate womanhood? Well I think it is. The event was called ‘a perfect partea’ by the way.

This bubbly little affair happened at Mia Cucina, Powai and among those invited were chefs, food bloggers and housewives all with an undying love for food. When I say bubbly, I mean that there was a lot of wine of course. Ashwin Rodrigues from Casablanca wines introduced us to one of the best Indian sparkling wine I’ve ever sipped on. The white sparkler from Casablanca is a gorgeous medley of mellow fruity flavours.

Casablanca Rosé. Image Source — APB Cook Studio

The recently introduced Rosé sparkling wine has berry and guava notes. Both the wines are Proseco style wines and pair fantastically with Indian food. The next time you’re celebrating over Indian food, you don’t need to think twice before ordering for a sparkler!

Cheese flight from The Cheese Collective. Image Source — APB Cook Studio

The other highlight of the evening was the cheese tasting session curated by Mansi Jasani from The Cheese Collective. On offer were four varieties hand crafted gourmet cheese that left everyone speechless.

The bold ‘La Pondicheri’ wrapped and aged in curry leaves took the crown. Their feta marinated with peppercorns in olive oil was not far behind. Anyone who appreciates good cheese needs to check The Cheese collective out right away! A great option for gifting cheese connoisseurs (or yourself of course).

Chef Sanjay Kotian of Mia Cucina. Image Source — APB Cook Studio

By now everyone was super excited about the demonstrations by celebrity pastry chef Kainaz Messman and Mia Cucina’s very own chef Sunjay Kotian. Chef Kainaz absolutely rocked the stage with her melt in the mouth raw mango and ginger tea cakes (yes you read that right). Chef Kotian demonstrated a gorgeous paella, the fragrance of which had all us ladies at the edge of our chairs.

Chef Kainaz Messman Harchandrai of Theobroma. Image Source — APB Cook Studio

The session ended with a heartening talk on gender equality by Tess Joseph who is the executive producer of the controversial documentary India’s Daughter.

Everyone departed in high spirits and a sense great pride about our womanhood. Looking forward to more of such celebrations in the years to come!


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