Back to the Drawing Room

Written and Captured by Karan Khosla for Mumbai Foodie

It was just another slow weekday afternoon when the people at Mumbai Foodie called me to check out Smoke house deli (Bandra). It’s like they read my mind or something. I believe in Telepathy and I believe in one common purpose. I believe that purpose is good food.

And that is exactly what we got at the deli around the corner.

It’s a feel good place, nicely lit and full of positive vibes.

We were seated in the ‘Drawing Room’ on the 2nd floor.

This is ideal for a nice afternoon cocktail lunch or if you want to book out a private room. Most of it is a pleasing combination of floral prints and wooden furniture.

I was starving before I even got there, luckily they understood my plight. Pretty soon we had a lavish spread before us.

My picks : Smoked pimento+ jalapeño crostini — which is crisp and juicy at the same time.

Assorted seafood fritters — perfect beer snack

Oak ash chevre + Californian orange salad — this was one of the two standout dishes. It looked beautiful and tasted even better. Really refreshing.

Chunky devilled tenderloin burger — this is what really tingles my taste buds. It was a perfect round bun, and a perfect beef patty inside it. There was no over usage of any sauce or veggies. They served this with some greens, fries and bacon. It’s the kind of dish that can help you overcome some personal loss.

Chili crusted john dory + lemon+ thyme — One word. Succulent. How can there be a food review without the word, Succulent. Even saying succulent aloud makes someone hungry

Butter milk pancakes with blueberry — a little too thick. But sometimes the thicker the better.

Three two tango and the Tropical smoothie — both the drinks were really not memorable. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood, but I could not quite decide what I felt about it.

To be honest, I had a great time and went back satisfied. I wish I had time for dessert and a cocktail, but I had a long second half of work to go through. All this good food made me sleepy and content. Just like your friendly neighbourhood cat.


Written by Karan Khosla for Mumbai Foodie.

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