Gluten Free Desserts in Mumbai

With the whole ‘buzz’ of going ‘Gluten Free’ around town, I’d like to tell you one thing: — A Gluten Free diet isn’t just for people with Celiac Disease or a Wheat Allergy. Agreed, eating wheat does offer some health benefits, but the gluten can actually be harmful.

Humans don’t fully digest wheat, which leads to bloating. Wheat is also a pro inflammatory agent causing insulin levels to rise in our bodies. Refined wheat has little nutritional value. Wheat is one amongst the top eight allergens. Lastly, many people have Gluten Sensitivity or Celiac Disease and don’t even know it. Therefore it is better to control our intake of wheat and maida for a healthier lifestyle.

Our main aim here is to help the Mumbaikars with sweet tooth’s to control their intake of Gluten, by providing them the cities best Gluten Free Dessert options.

1) ‘Cheat Clean’ — Cheat Clean was started in March 2014 by Charvi Bubna who is currently studying Nutrition and herself has a major gluten intolerance and has quit sugar 2 years ago. Her aim is to provide sugar free and gluten free, healthy desserts for people who can enjoy them guilt free. They contain sweetness from the natural leaf extract, stevia or alternatives like date syrup or honey. She also uses alternative flours like brown rice flour, gluten free oat flour, almond flour and coconut flour. Using the cleanest of ingredients, she wants her end sweet product to be as healthy and nutritious as possible. If you have to cheat, might as well cheat the right way! A must try are the Brown Rice Flour Chocolate Brownies.

Order at — 982093408

2) ‘Fitness Bakery’- Fitness Bakery arose from necessity. The necessity to eat delicious snacks and desserts without feeling guilty. What started as a small out-of-home, bakery for a husband, his wife and few friends and family five months ago has fast become a popular go-to destination for everyone who is passionate about their fitness and health. Fitness Bakery ensures that every single product that goes out to you is made with the most natural, unprocessed ingredients. Their products are made with utmost care to ensure that they are a partner in your journey towards a fitter, healthier lifestyle. A must try is the Sweet Potato Chocolate Brownies with the All Natural Peanut Butter Frosting. Its just so moist and guilt free.

Order at — 7718918188

3) ‘The Parfait Co.’ — The Parfait Co. serves preservative/stabilizer/gluten free, fresh parfait made with heavy cream and all natural flavours. French Dessert Parfait is made with eggs, heavy cream, fruit or any other flavor like chocolate or coffee. Just like ice cream it must be frozen and enjoyed straight out of the freezer. It is extremely rich, indulgent and creamy. It is this unique feature of parfait that makes it such a gourmet dessert experience. While there is only so much we can say to describe it, one taste is all it takes to know what dessert parfait is.

Order at — 9920029229

4) ‘Bombay Bizarre Bakery’ — Bombay Bizarre Baker started by Tara Kapur a full time mom, housewife and a career woman. Why Gluten free? In February 2014, when she went in quest of a luscious chocolate vegan cake to serve her son who suffers from various food allergies. This went on to become a big hit. Following a request for gluten free, the Almond lemon Cake was added to the Bizarre’s repertoire. It is a moist, rich and truly spectacular cake. The almonds are home ground to ensure its pure, gluten free status. It contains almond flour, egg, lemon juice, butter and sugar! Its goodness shines through every bite and those who’ve had it, yearn to have it again.

Order at — 9820006440

5) ‘The Protein Bake Shop’ — The Protein Bake shop is Rashi Chowdhary’s way of making deserts as healthy as they can possibly be, so we can enjoy them guilt free!

No refined sugar or processed flour.

Just really gorgeous ingredients put together that give you taste along with a whole lot of nutrients. For all the Peanut Butter lovers out there, the Peanut Butter Bites are a must try!

Order at — 9820025574


Written by Charvi Bubna
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