Ice Cream Macarons by Le 15 Patisserie + Sucres des Terres

written by Madhura Rao

Pooja Dhingra has been teasing us by dropping hints about her collaboration with Sucres des Terres for quite some time now. Delicious pictures of macarons and ice cream cones have got everyone reminiscing about a time when ‘biki max’ the ice cream sandwich was a hit.

Team Mumbai Foodie got to the nearest Le 15 store as soon as the news about its launch was out. The ice cream macaron is available in three flavours- vanilla bean, dark chocolate and coffee. Without beating around the bush, I’ll just get to the point and tell you what I thought about it. The product is high on flavour. You need no introduction to Pooja Dhingra’s macaron expertise. The macaron shells were perfect in texture and flavour. The vanilla one came with white shells and the signature cute little heart on it. The chocolate one with dark pink shells and the coffee one was brown. As for the ice cream, it tastes great too. Not too sweet and pretty rich in flavour. Here I must warn you that the quantity of the ice cream sandwiched between the macaron shells is one-fourth of what pictures on social media indicate. Would have liked a little more of the delicious ice cream for 90 bucks. Yes, that’s what the ice cream macs are priced at.

Unlike the regular macarons, these are meant for immediate consumption unless you carry them in an ice box. I’d rate the vanilla one as the best, followed by dark chocolate and then coffee. Of course my opinion could be severely biased because I’m not a coffee person. You should go try it for yourself and tell us what you thought.