Keeping it the Joss way.

Written by Sama Ankolkar for Mumbai Foodie

Easily accessible, somewhere around the city’s most hustling area, Joss has still managed to retain an elegant vibe to the place. Well lit with a great ambience, the staff gives you an efficient and cheerful welcome setting off your evening to a good start.

The restaurant looks extremely spacious and with this huge mirror, you’re fooled into thinking that the place is larger than it is. We certainly were. Felt like such idiots when we tried walking around to see the entire area only to find ourselves staring into our reflections.
The waiters are friendly and provide useful information on every dish ordered while you’re seated in comforting sofas or hardwood chairs, making it a pleasant experience.

Berry Sangria — The Berry Sangria is splash of sweetness to the end of a tiring day. Paired up with the first round of sushi, this sweet sparkling wine loaded with berries is a good touch to the palette. If you’re not someone who likes a sweet wine and are looking for something along the lines of citrus, you could avoid this though.

Dragon rolls — Tempura Prawns and Cucumber with Smoked Salmon

This dragon roll was extremely good. The salmon was delectable and you could get a bite of the prawn tempura in the rice coating. The cucumber adds a fresh crunch to the bite giving you a texture that feels good to eat. It’s a good size as well so we weren’t disappointed by it. Prawn, being one of the many favorites from the sea world, I did enjoy this dragon roll.

Smoked Salmon and Wasabi — A basic sushi that you cannot go wrong with. The size of this was on the slightly smaller side and the rice was falling apart a little, so this did turn out to be below par. Also, I was looking at getting a flavor of the smoked salmon, which wasn’t given. There was salmon, it just wasn’t ‘smoky’ enough.

Nigiri Moriawase Platter —Ikarami salmon loin, Kihado Maguro yellow fin tuna and Unagi smoked eel

This platter was delicious. The size of the sushi was great and served beautifully which really appeals to the aesthetic sense. My favourite one was the Unagi smoked eel. Each Nigiri’s flavor was distinct from each other and not much of the soy sauce was required to drown the taste of the fish (for those who don’t really enjoy the raw flavor that much) Add a dash of wasabi to each one and a hint of the soy sauce, and your sushi craving shall be satisfied.

Dimsum Platter — Sui Mai of prawn and chicken, Sui Mai of Teriyaki chicken, King crab and silver cod dumplings.

The dumpling platter was quite a pleasant surprise. I’ve been looking for good dumplings, and I’m often disappointed with either the coating, or the lack of filling within it. Something always goes amiss and so far, I haven’t been able to be absolutely happy with the ones around. However, Joss did treat me to a platter of good dumplings. The coating wasn’t too thick and they were steamed well. The dumplings were full and the size was generous.

The prawn and chicken dumpling was tasty and the flavors, though distinct, blended well with each other.

The teriyaki chicken dumpling was spicy and was a good break to the otherwise bland flavors. The chicken filling wasn’t chewy and it gave a nice punch of a barbeque to the taste buds.

The King crab dominated the silver cod as the you could mainly taste that, though I didn’t complain much since I love crab meat. It could do with more of a balance between the two though.

Spinach and Shrimp Rolls with Superior Black Bean —

This was a favorite and real winner. Drizzled with black bean, the spinach compliments the shrimp well in terms of taste. It also has a good crunchy texture because of the bite that the prawn provides. The flavor is light and enjoyable.

Truffle oil miso soup with scallop and shitake mushrooms — This soup is undoubtedly one of the yummiest and tastiest soups I have had. Its extremely light and the flavor is delectable. It’s a charm to the taste buds and the mushroom with the scallop is a great combination. Every spoonful is a treat and the truffle oil really teases your palette. A must have for a soup lover.

Prawn tempura with 3 sauces

Crisply coated and not dripping in oil, the tempuras a nice large size and do not fail to satisfy. The prawns are not overcooked but they could do with a little bit of seasoning. Each sauce compliments the prawn, the chilli and jalapeno one being a winner.

My Sweetest Mistake- Vanilla, coke and rum ice cream —

The dessert is one of the most delicious ends to a meal. Quoted by the waiter “Its very, very chocolaty.” It is rich and moist and has got a mousse like texture broken with a crunchiness of berries. It is complimented with the ice cream and is a pleasurable indulgence to the calorie world. The rum and coke ice cream is a light delight, not too heavy and quite delish, really.

The food is good and Joss lives up to the standard it has set at Kala Ghoda.

Written by Sama Ankolkar for Mumbai Foodie.

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