Excerpt: Just a mask

An excerpt from chapter two of the second draft of my novel: The prey.

I stared into the huge, black eyeholes hoping to see his eyes but saw only blackness, nothing. That mask scared me sick, it was the face of a soulless creature from hell.

“It’s just a mask, it’s just a mask” I whispered under my uneven breath

He titled his head to the side and I couldn’t look anymore so stared at the leather boots on his feet instead. Then they started to walk towards me, long, slow strides. Every step the heavy boots took made a loud echo in the claustrophobic little bathroom. I pressed my back into the side of the bathtub as if I could disappear into it, evaporate. Every step seemed to last an eternity and I couldn’t even bare to look his feet anymore, I screwed my eyes up tight and shook my head as if I could wake up, wake up in my bed, safe and at home. I could still hear the footsteps; they were louder with my eyes closed. One, two, three…

Then they stopped, I could feel the fabric of his jeans millimetres from my face. My head drooped forwards in submission, he was going to kill me and there was nothing I could do to stop him. I was too weak to fight; he was more than twice my size. I didn’t know if I even cared enough to fight. I only hoped that it would be quick, I’ve always hated pain, had a low tolerance for it. I found myself hoping he would shoot me in the head, make it quick, BANG, dead. No more pain, no more fear, no more anything.

Why go to the trouble of bringing me here just too shoot me? No, he’d bought me here for a reason. I began to realise the awful truth, I wasn’t going to get a swift, painless death. I was going to suffer. The image of the hair bobble with the blonde hair tangled round it entered my head. Had she died screaming? How long before she was put out of her misery? What had he done with her body? What would he do with mine?

I imagined my corpse in the bathtub. Would I be dissolved in the bath, buried in the woods, or thrown in a river with concrete blocks tied to my ankles? I didn’t want to think these things but my brain wouldn’t stop showing me images. I heard him move and waited for the first blow, the pain.