Police now programme

Police Now state that their mission is to transform communities, reduce crime and increase the public’s confidence in policing, by recruiting and developing outstanding and diverse individuals to be leaders in society and on the policing frontline.

Police Now state they will offer exceptional graduates the opportunity to become police officers and transform challenged and often deprived communities. It is a two-year programme designed to help you develop a rewarding career while helping to improve lives.

Police Now Will train you to be a leader in your community as a police officer in a specific area right from the start. That means taking responsibility for the safety of up to 20,000 people. You’ll learn negotiation, problem-solving, decision-making, emotional intelligence, resilience and leadership — all invaluable skills in targeting criminals and increasing public confidence and all transferable to any profession.

Police Now Officer Application Process

online application form and situational judgement test

The situational judgement test gives you valuable insight into working as a Police Officer. You will be asked to consider hypothetical, challenging situations that you might encounter and you’ll have a choice of possible responses.

online numerical and verbal testing

Two tests — you will have a few days to complete them. These are online and you can take them in your own time and in the comfort of your own home. There is no time limit per question, however once you start the test you need to complete them in one session.

video interview

After your application and testing scores have been reviewed you’ll be sent a link to a strengths-based video interview. Before you start, there will be a hints and tips video on the platform to watch to help you out and calm any nerves.

Stage 4 assessment centre

Once you’ve been notified that your video interview has been successful, you’ll be able to book onto an assessment centre online. The assessment centres will be held in London but reasonable expenses will be paid for travel.

The centre features different interactive exercises. Together, they are designed to reflect a ‘Day in the Life’ of a Police Officer.

An e-tray exercise that tests your ability to cope with an overload of information, requests and demands all coming your way at the same time.

Two role-play exercises. Those that score successfully on the e-tray and role plays will have a final one-to-one competency interview at the end of the day.

Some of the assessment centre components differ from the National Police Recruit assessment centre known as SEARCH. Some components are similar such as interviews and Role Plays.

The SEARCH police assessment centre is made up of the following components:

Competency Based Structured Interview

Numerical Ability test

Verbal Ability Test

Four Interactive Exercises ie Role Plays

All candidates will also need to demonstrate competence in Written communication , different forces do this in different ways.

Originally published at www.recruit-police-assessment-centre-training.co.uk on December 15, 2016.

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