DIY Irresistible Mojito

This is the first cocktail I tried in a restaurant that needs not to be mentioned because they sold me an overpriced and overcooked burger that did not taste good.

Eating out for a Chef is a nightmare, trust me. Anyway, the mojito was brilliant and I just had to try it at home. I use local limes, Malibu’s coconut-flavored rum and sugar syrup instead of the traditional sugar. Mixing sugar with cold/room temperature liquids is very hard and you end up bruising the lime juice and losing flavor. You simply make sugar syrup by mixing 2 parts of sugar to 1 part of boiling water on low heat.

Another great thing about mojito is that it is stirred and hence you don’t need a cocktail shaker. I know people like to shake almost everything but when you shake a mojito, you make the lime juice very acidic and it overpowers the drink).

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  • 3 small shot glasses (30 ml/1 ounce) of Malibu’s coconut-flavored rum or any rum of your choice, even tequila makes a mean mojito.
  • 2 shot glasses of sugar syrup (you may adjust to your liking as it is a stirred cocktail)
  • 1 shot glass (30 ml) of fresh lime juice (the local limes also knows as key limes, have the best flavour)
  • Handful of fresh mint leaves
  • 30 ml of soda water (carbonated water)


Mix the rum, lime juice, syrup and then add the mint and stir for about 7 seconds (you don’t need to muddle the mint, just use a lot of mint, be generous with this herb).

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