Sex; No Flex

Sex; No Flex

By M80

Now that the world’s premier tourist destination, the Bahamas, has officially adjusted its stride at also being the world’s premier party paradise producing the new Junkanoo Carnival event this Spring poised to put a spin on the primitive practice of tradition, I took to the streets — unlike any other journalist alive would as usual — to scoop the not so real-time 2 cents of tourists visiting the capital Nassau city, New Providence Island on the minister of tourism’s press statement exactly one month ago, “the new Junkanoo Carnival is not about sex…”

It’s a source of national income, regenerating revenue by means of rejuvenating arts & culture, that countries world-wide have used and experimented with for several years and now it’s in the Bahamas as an alternative to the traditional Junkanoo (rush) parade held annually. The story pretty much wrote itself as I caught-up with the passerby on day-cation wandering about the bay this really turnt up spring.

Now I had to be pretty peculiar about who I spoke to, after all I’m still slightly disturbed by the young man flirting with me the night I watched the televised broadcast. I mean, Junkanoo was always for spectators only, but now everyone gets to get involved, true carnival style, about time too baby!

Now let’s review, more than 10 years ago Bahamians packed the streets protesting the arrival of a cruise catered to homosexuals into their capital’s port. Almost 5 years ago Bishop Randy Frasier served time in prison having been found guilty of unlawful sex with a minor of his congregation, and was since then re-elected and reinstated as church leader. Within the last 13 months Pastors Arsenio Butler and Devin Sears have seemingly won their trial of allegedlly intoxicating and fondling a young boy of their congregation. Church leader, Bishop Walter S. Hanchell flew into outrage luckily grazed by a charge of contempt when the two preachers in their 20's didn’t receive immediate bail. Within the last 4 months, the U.S. state of Florida has legalized gay marriage, Bahamian Teen Pop star Angelique Sabrina appeared in the nude masturbating on tape for fans and followers, then boldly told the media she will not tolerate cyber-bullying, instead of “…Ooops!” And I tested negative for HIV/AIDS. Free phone cards giveaway, c’mon give me a break yo!

Bahamian Teen Pop star Angelique Sabrina
(L-R) Pastors Arsenio Butler and Devin Sears (27, 25)

Now here’s a look at who I met and what they think of the minister’s spontaneity.

“It seems carnival has a lot to do with sex already. I don’t see why it won’t be the same here [The Bahamas] too,” said Faith Hunter. Faith is a 29 year old nurse from the Carolinas. She’s a mother of 3 girls and maybe a boy on the way!

“You know, after a few drinks, sweaty boobs and biceps get jumping, people will be people it’s only natural,” she continued.

Faith bought Cuban cigars and Junkapop music from me, and we had ourselves a great talk. She thinks sex is the most random thing to do these days. “Making love is not hooking up on the job or at the club or nothing like that. That’s what I’d call sex. It doesn’t even have to be with the opposite [gender] either. In fact, it can be just me, myself and I,” Faith said.

Faith only suggested stronger safe sex campaigns to combat the ever increasing rise of HIV/AIDS being the 3rd most infected area in the region.

Now the minister’s statement was genuinely aimed at preserving culture, while modifying it at the same time to boost tourism and revenue alike, I think. However, the website advertises “One more reason to visit the Bahamas; 6 events and 2 weeks to let loose!” The carnival goes down this May 7–9 and April 17–18, and everyone is hyped to let loose and strip their cares away clutched tightly in the ultimate party atmosphere.

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