Certificate IV Web Week 2 Update

This week the class learnt about the different development methodologies used when developing websites and software, We looked into the pro’s and cons of using of “The Waterfall Model”, “The Iterative Model”,“The Spiral Model”, among a few others including the “Front Line Model”,and “the Agile Model”.

For my project i think ill be using “The Iterative Model” as it allows my client to have continuous input into the website’s design and functionality.

During the week we learnt the uses of and how to create Gantt charts, i have used Team-week for my current personal Gantt chart, included below:

From looking into other websites made for photographers i have gained an understanding what what the average viewer should see and how the Menus functionality and layout should work.
From what i gather I’m looking at making a website for 16 yr olds and above,
With a gender neutral viewer base, English speaking and with general computing experience.