Summarizing the Brief:


The Website I’m making with be for Briannon Ovenden and will display her photography work, to provide clientele, friends and family access to her artwork.

“Briannon Photography”

Client Requirements:

Briannon requires a website that looks modern/indie, that emphasizes on creating a immersive experience using the artwork given and allows viewers to access contact details.

The main goals of this website is to show the viewer an overview of Briannon’s work and style, then to lead the viewer to contact details and a bio to see if Briannon is the right photographer for their job requirements.

Target Audiences:

The intended website’s audience are potential clients, friends, and family these viewers require an easy to navigate website.
The website is going to be designed for 16 year old’s and older, in implement a gender neutral color scheme, with simple functionality.

Technical Requirements:

Ill be building a custom website as i wish to challenge myself with the added benefit of functionality, ill be using HTML to allow images to be embedded onto my website , and CSS for the design and layout
I hope to be running the website off my raspberry pi, but that's still to be decided, Either way ill be using APACHE to run my website.

Market Research:

Ive looked into several photography website to gain an insight to what other designers are doing: here are a few examples

  1. The websites show a changing background to display the artists main style
    Ill be doing this in my own website
  2. They allow the user easy to use functionality and easy it is easy to find how to contact the owner
  3. They have a large variety of pictures to show off every style of the artist to accommodate a larger clientele

Evaluating social media options:

When integrating social media into your website you have to be careful, as the cons might eventually outweigh the pros, having more traffic in and out of your website is a benefit, but if you were to get fake or negative reviews it can turn away potential clients. i plan to avoid this by only integrating pictures (Where Possible). One of the things i plan on doing is having an easy way to share a photo Briannon has taken on a social media platform and lead viewers back to the website to see more.

Briannon has asked for her Facebook and Instagram accounts to be integrated into the site
One of the good things about integrating social media is that they allow the user to sign in and comment without having to create another account, as the above website allows, it also allows users to share different posts to a wide variety of social media sites


“To be attached”